Increase Safety and Efficiency With Intelligent Building Automation and Controls

LV Energy Systems building automation systems used in high rises to hospitals, hotels, manufacturing plants, airports and LV Energy Systems Building Automation System malls,  (B.A.S) can reach into your networked and non-networked devices and collect data from any and all systems connected. With the data collected from the various systems, our B.A.S can help you make decisions based on rules and algorithms that can help save money or save lives and it can do it before things go completely wrong. The LV Energy Systems B.A.S is all encompassing and is always gathering data 24 x 7 x 365 days a year allowing you to make decisions based on historical data from all your system in all your facilities. 

LV Energy Systems building automation systems (B.A.S) has been designed not to replace human intervention but to enhance it. At any point your staff and engineers can step in and make decisions based on the data collected. The B.A.S allows you to setup rules to automate many current decisions when configured as per the  site administrator or engineers requirements. Managing your facility in the background and informing those who you deem necessary. During this process you will achieve gains in energy efficiency and maintenance costs all while extending the life of your equipment.

A building automation system, or BAS, networks and controls almost every major element of a space. A short list of systems automated in the typical smart building might include the following:

  • Lighting and other electrical systems
  • Plumbing systems
  • HVAC systems and rooftop units
  • Fire alarms and other emergency systems
  • Elevators and other mechanical systems
  • Surveillance cameras and other security systems
  • Vents and exhaust fans
  • VAV Boxes

The LV Energy System Building automation system is fully integrated with Luminetworx PoE lighting, all major HVAC systems, fire control panels and many industrial and commercial systems.

The bottom line is LV Energy Systems B.A.S will be your best employee saving our customers 20% to 30% overall. Additionally our B.A.S is vendor agnostic so you will never need to rip and replace any existing systems. Ask us how to get started today.