Luminetworx Lighting Management and PoE Systems provide a safe, efficient, low voltage platform for lighting smart buildings. Our Luminetworx Lighting Management system is managed by an enterprise  level control system that delivers powerful data and control of your facilities lighting infrastructure. Luminetworx Lighting ManagementA cloud-based system allows owners and facility managers to monitor their facility from anywhere.

In a partnership with Wiz, LV Energy Systems, uses a Cloud connected enterprise control platform to provide the ultimate customization with functionality such as fixture color tuning, automation settings, light grouping, motion detection and more. The flexibility to update your lighting policies with the push of a few buttons. Integration with Building management Systems, further improving the functionality and control of your facility. At LV Energy System we feel that the technology of the software is just as important as the technology built into the hardware. That is why we have partnered with Wiz to bring a highly advanced lighting system to all small to medium sized businesses as well as any enterprise placements.

Some of the key elements included within the Enterprise platform:


Enjoy panoramic control of multiple rooms and floors to use, pre-program, set Schedules and Scenes for hundreds of WiFi connected lights and associated Bluetooth devices.


Each light reports its usage to the cloud. Each lamp’s remaining lifespan can be calculated so you can proactively identify and replace fading lights.


Reports can be generated ad exported based on each lamp’s usage and energy consumption.


Data gathering on anything related to light usage, locations, users and time of day – all securely recorded on the cloud database.

Maximize Energy Savings

Create policies to improve efficiency.

Utilize alerts and real-time reporting to further enhance energy savings.

Improved reduction of energy consumption. 


Advanced network encryption to prevent unauthorized access and security.